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Thomas Allen #257358
BCCX – Site 1 – Unit 24B
1045 Horsehead Road
Pikeville, TN 37367

In March 2006, Thomas “Nat” Allen, of Morristown, TN, was convicted of murder and sentenced to Life in prison, despite there being no physical evidence linking Thomas to the crime, only 2nd party hearsay testimony from admitted drug addicts, all of whom were incarcerated or facing jail time, at the time.

Along with there being no physical evidence against Thomas, there was also an insurmountable amount of errors in the trial, including several jury members being allowed to participate despite having personal history with Thomas. Another major issue is that the presiding Judge, had extremely personal history with Nat’s deceased grandmother, and mentioned it several times throughout the trial.

There are too many technical errors to list here, but the bottom line is that Nat Allen deserves and is legally entitled to a new trial, a proper trial he should have been given in the first place. Thomas continues to profess his innocence. He has continually been denied a new trial, despite all these errors.

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Thomas Nathaniel “Nat” Allen, a 38 year old proud father of 3; two girls and finally a boy. He was born and raised in Morristown Tennessee and everyone that knows him, knows he is a good, kind-hearted person who would give you his last dime if you needed it.

Before this invasive interruption in his life, Thomas worked for a living managing his own concrete company, inherited from his father, Tom’s Concrete.

He loved spending time with his 3 children, and his family & friends. He is an avid golfer and has won many golf tournaments.

Help return Nat where he rightfully belongs.


  1. on petition for Thomas(nat)Allen,only 1 black jurer,he knew allen well,been to his house,other jurer waddell had also been to allens house,waddells neice was married to allens friend,and knew allen well.jurer waddell lied on jurer form,said he didnt know allen,also waddells daughter worked at the place of allens trial(hamblem co.,tenn.head of jury should have read jurer forms more carefull,the so called informant (don wilder)was a known drug addict,and was used by the law to snitch or tell lies on people just to stay out of jail,ask anyony who knew him and half of morristown will say this is true.

  2. Nat is a great young man. He shouldn’t be in prison, I feel so sorry for him and his family. God bless you all.

  3. FREE NAT! He didn’t kill Don Wilder. It was the mexican mafia. That got the wrap cause he’s black and lived in Morristown.